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Research Library – Bible Research Tools

The “Research Library”

Network and Cloud-friendly Bible Study software
that makes the Internet work for you!

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    Free Version Includes:

  • Powerful Bible Search Engine
  • Strongs Concordance
  • Searchable User Notes
  • Programmable Web Buttons
  • Searchable User-Defined Library
  • Synchronized Alternate Bible Version

    Registered Version Includes:

  • Many Additional Web Buttons
  • User-Defined Concordance
  • Searchable User-Defined Footnotes
  • Searchable Church History
  • Searchable Scofield Reference Bible
  • Septuagint X-Referencing

How Does Your Bible Software Compare?

With the Research Library, you can store an almost unlimited number of books, articles and papers — either as URL’s, local files, or both — in its searchable, indexable library.

The user-programmable Web Buttons (19 Free, 99 Registered) give one-click, context-sensitive access to Bible and Commentary websites, as well as to locally stored publications, such as ebooks and articles.

The “Backend” (data, help and publication files) can be moved to a network server or the Internet Cloud (e.g., Microsoft IDrive) for multiple-computer, multiple-location access.

Click the “Learn More” button, below, to view screen shots and help files. Click here to see the Research Library in action.

Unregistered Version: Free

Registration Price: $149

Research Library
Research Library

Research Library
Research Library