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Research Library – Bible Research Tools

The “Research Library”

Bible Study Software

Make The Internet Work For You!

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  • No Costly Modules!
  • Unique “Web Buttons”
  • Make Your Own Library
  • Make Your Own Concordance
  • Create Searchable Footnotes
  • Built-In Church History
  • Built-In Scofield Reference Bible
  • Septuagint X-Referencing

How Does Your Bible Software Compare?

With the Research Library, you can store an almost unlimited number of books, articles and papers–either as URL’s, local files, or both–in the searchable, indexable library. The 99 user-programmable Web Buttons give one-click, context-sensitive access to Bible and Commentary websites, as well as locally stored ebooks and articles. Click the “Learn More” button, below, to view screen shots and help files. Click here to see the Research Library in action.

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Research Library
Research Library

Research Library
Research Library